• Expert in Modern Front-end Web Development and UI Design Implementation
  • Highly Focused, Fast Learner
  • Communication-Oriented Development

Work Experiences

Software Engineer, Thing Daemon (Fancy) Oct 2015 –

  • Work as remote team
  • Developed and managed the most of JavaScript used projects in the customer-seeing website, admin and merchant tools (React, jQuery)
  • Built and managed JS bundle system (Webpack, Babel) used for the website
  • Django-based Backend development for web/app API

Software Engineer, Spoqa Inc. March 2014 – Oct 2015

  • Webapp-based tablet application (Dodo Point) development (Backbone.js and jQuery, etc.)
  • Dodo Point web app Rewrite (React, Reflux, ES2015+, etc.)
  • Designed and developed Front-end web development workflow and test environment
  • Developed in-house JavaScript libraries for phone number processing, ajax request-response wrapper, UI components, etc.
  • Developed Dodo Point landing page ( and conducted growth hack tasks using Heroku, Flask, Libsass-python, Postgres, Google Analytics, Crazyegg (resulted minimum 300% Conversion rate boost)
  • Experience with Authentication, Internalization/Localization and Mail/SMS/MMS sending procedures
  • Web admin and business data visualization website (Dodo Insight) development experience
  • Python backend development (Flask and SQLAlchemy)
  • Experience with integration tests, functional tests and backend unittests (Python-Selenium, Pytest)
  • iOS web app client development (Swift)
  • Map Visualization (D3, Leaflet.js, Google Fusion Table, etc.)

Intern Developer, Company 100 October 2013 – January 2014

  • Developed high-performance UI prototypes using Greensock.js

Freelancer2011 – October 2013


  • Highly skilled in front-end web development
  • Ability to build ES2015-based JavaScript infrastructure and workflow
  • HTML5 and legacy browser compatible markup, CSS styling, DOM Scripting
  • Ability to develop web-based GUI and SPA using MV*/MVVM/Reactive libraries
  • Knowledge of GUI frameworks and CSS preprocessors (Bootstrap, Foundation, Compass, Sass, Less…)
  • Backend web development using Flask and SQLAlchemy, PostgresSQL
  • Wordpress theme and plugin development
  • Work experience with Node.js, jQuery, React, Babel.js, Greensock, Bash, Jekyll, Git, JIRA, Github, Stash, …
  • Graphic design / UI Design / typography (editorial design) / photography and lighting / Adobe tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Hongik University March 2006 - Febraury 2012
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Korean National Open University March 2014 - Febraury 2016

Open Source Contributions

Personal Projects


Native Korean, Fluent English, Basic Japanese


Web browser, EcmaScript, Data visualization, Developer tools, Open source